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Your 3 Card Tarot Reading

Whats in the cards? Shuffle the deck to find out!

The wisdom of the Tarot is presented below. You may want to save or print this page if you would like to ponder its wisdom later.


Refers to recent events that just took place as well as influences and actions that lead to the present situation.

Tarot Card Image

The Sun

The Sun is the twentieth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number 19 to indicate the conscious mind represented by the Magician (1) reaching the self-actualized state of the Hermit (9). A golden-haired child rides bareback on a pure white horse, carrying a red flag. This child is reminiscent of the one who held the flowers up to death, now riding the same white horse of purity, but carrying a red flag instead of a black one, indicating vitality and passion. The child is reborn. The only item the child wears is a headdress, topped with a feather, which symbolizes truth. The Egyptian goddess Ma’at wears a feather on her head—a feather that is used to weigh the souls of the recently deceased to determine if they are worthy to join the Gods in the afterlife. The sunflowers all turn toward the child, denoting that this is truly a child of the Light, as sunflowers are known to turn toward the sun for sustenance. The sun itself shines down on the scene in all its splendor, giving warmth and light to all living things.

The Sun in your past signals a personal rebirth. It indicates a time when you felt light returning to your life. Obstacles were surmounted, filling you with a new sense of happiness. This card can indicate that some money problems that were solved. The wealth you experienced may have been a new relationship, a new career, or a new feeling of health after a bout with illness. The Sun can also indicate a time when you received a proposal of marriage. Overall, this card indicates a time when you experienced pure joy.


Represents what is happening right now. This may be what triggered you to seek out a reading or may represent something you're unwilling to see.

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Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups in your present situation suggests that you are experiencing a wellspring of emotions, especially love. Perhaps you are in the process of finding a new love interest, or discovering renewed feelings in a relationship you already have. The dove, representative of spiritual love, symbolizes the depth to which this emotional renewal is touching you. It has given you a new emotional perspective. The water flowing from the cup suggests that your emotional being (represented by the water below) is becoming recharged from this outpouring.


Describes what is just around the corner. It’s an official “heads up” about where the situation is heading.

Tarot Card Image

Six of Wands

Some congratulations will be in order! You will be crowned with the wreath of victory on some level, and while the end will be a while in coming, you will still ride high on your achievement. Your belief in yourself will be renewed, and others will be inspired by your success. Note how the crowd in the card seems to line the street as the man rides through them on his horse: those around you will support your efforts, and celebrate your triumph with you. Remember to take a bow!

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