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Syrenity Jones

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I am a very well enlightened Master Psychic with very powerful Spirit Guides. I have been a Psychic for more than 35 years. I took note to my gifts at the early age of seven when future events would come to me. As time went on my gifts became more and more specific for others around me. I have since gone on to help others throughout the country doing endless readings by way of the internet, online platforms, psychic trade shows and more.

I don't rely on any tools only my Spirit Guides and my own abilities. My gifts help me to tune into your energy and brings the truth forward. With this you will receive the clarity that you are seeking and leave with your mind at ease. I will be my pleasure to guide you.I am a Natural-born Psychic with highly developed empathic and intuitive abilities, a Clairvoyant, life Coach and a Tarot Reader. I receive divine guidance from a higher power to provide the best options available for you. Are you looking for the truth and answers to all your life questions? I am always nonjudgmental and will provide a reading that focuses on you and your needs. If you are lost, lonely or confused, I am here to direct you on the path to happiness and contentment. Specializing in love, relationships, finance, career, family and friendship issues, I will share with you the messages she receives. I will guide you in overcoming challenges or removing negative influences to help you move forward. My goal is to support your personal growth, to clearly see where you are now, help in deciding where you want to be and taking active steps to achieve all you envision. After your consultation, you will feel more at ease and a special peace within your soul. It would be my pleasure to be of service as your vessel for truth, enlightenment and insight.

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Syrenity Jones is Away Right Now.

But you can arrange a call back and your phone will ring when Syrenity becomes available!

$2.00/min - First 3 Minutes Free!*

* Free minutes available only to first-time callers.