Have you found your soulmate? What's on your lover's mind? Are you on the right path in your career? Call Charli Haynes and uncover the truth!

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Charli Haynes


Charli Haynes has been doing psychic angel card readings since 1985. Coming from a Croatian backround, her mother was a professional dream interpreter/psychic. You can say Charli was born into the world of the mystic.
Charli's readings are clear, concise, down to earth, yet nurturing & inspiring. She focuses on career, love and your soul purpose in life. Charli's also an animal communicator & past life reader.
Charli looks forward to reading for you & helping you down your unique, individulized path.

Education and Experience
Charli has taught meditation & psychic development courses at The Learning Tree in Los Angeles, California.
She has experience in person to person & phone readings as well as readings for events/private parties.

Charli has appeared on "Hollywood Live" as a psychic & done in person readings on the show.

She has many years of experience as a phone psychic as well as email/chat readings.
Charli spent quite a few years on the Dionne Warwick's psychic line during the 1990's as well.

She taught psychic/intuitive development at the "Wishing Well" in Murietta, California.

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“Alway's my favorite! She's been helping me through a tough time with me ex who is back and forth with me!! its been a roller coaster of emotions but looking forward to seeing her predictions come through-- not sure what it is but she can really "Tune in" to my ex! It's Crazy & Cool!!!!”
—November 16, 2018

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