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Rev.Payshence Smith


Rev. Payshence has been a Reverend and Spiritual Minister with the Universal Life Church since September 15, 2001. She also specializes in such Spiritual Services as Spiritual Readin's/Workin's/Root Work, and Paranormal Research. Rev. Payshence has been doing spiritual tarot card readings since she was 14yrs old and professionally for over 16yrs with her Ministry. She tells what you need to hear from Spirit, not what you want to hear.

Education and Experience
Rev. Payshence has Doctorates in Metaphysics and Religious Sciences from the ULC in Modesto, California. Rev. Payshence is also a Hereditary and Solitary Practioner of the "OLD WAYS". She includes in her practice of the Craft: Hoodoo/Southern Conjure, New Orleans Voodoo, Brujeria, Santeria/Palo, Stregheria, Hinduism, Buddhism and as well as Spiritual practices that she has developed for herself over the years which she has found success and fulfillin'... She specializes in such Spiritual Services as Spiritual Card Readin's, Spiritual Workin's/Root Work, and Paranormal Research.

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