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David Phelps


David is a Mystic (actually that is only a label, he is not actually sure what he is, and that makes everything possible including the later) who is Clairsentient (has Clear Inner Knowing). He also uses Tarot, Oracle Cards, and the Pendulum in his Readings. He has experienced the Road Less Traveled (the Path of the Wounded Healer) and Awakening to what is? The question mark is because there are really no Final Answers, it just Simply Is. He has over the years helped many others along the way with his Inner Knowing and Spiritual Experience and can help you on your journey too.

David is not a Carnival Psychic (or Fortune Teller), so he doesn't play the old "test the psychic" game. He doesn't know everything but has access to exactly what you and he need to know to point you in the right direction. Therefore, he needs you to communicate the questions. What is the subject matter you want to know about?

Time is an illusion Modern Physics tells us and he has never personally been able to relate to time as such. So, he cannot help you with questions regarding time frames. Yet, he can tell you if you, for instance, you do or don't do such and such, what you seek will come or will not come, how quickly or slowly it will come or not come.

Also, in this Phone Psychic Industry, they tell you not to be silent well it is only in the silence that the answers really come, it is about getting past the ego mind/thinking and into the flow of the Tao/God/Universal Mind/Higher Self. So, there will be periods of silence that may seem uncomfortable but if you want real answers, it is what it is. The silence is like standing in a and experiencing its ebb and flow, hence the word flow I used, it is about becoming One with it.

Honesty is what he does absolutely promise, no pie in the sky.

He will become for you in time a trusted confidant, ally, mentor, and friend.

He looks forward to working together with you.

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Education and Experience
Doctor of Sacred Theology - Messianic College of Rabbinical Studies
Certificate in Comparative World Religions - Alliance of Divine Love
National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Hypnotherapist
National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist
Omni Hypnosis Training Center - Metaphysical Hypnotist
Hands of Fire Reiki Training - Reiki Master / Teacher
Ordained- The Universal Light, Inc

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“David is a genuine psychic - he was able to read my situation correctly with very little information from me. He provided specific predictions and was honest and open. I am convinced he is the real deal!”
—September 13, 2017

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