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David Phelps


David is an all around intuitive who receives pictures in his mind representing information pertaining to your reading (clairvoyance), he also experiences in his mind, audio and visual communication from his Spirit Guides which is a form of Psychic Mediumship. He has been aware of and used some form or another of psychic/intuitive abilities since childhood and these continue to evolve and expand as the years pass. He is loving and kind but straightforward in his readings. He typically does not do "general readings". Honestly, there are just to many variables. He prefers to deal with specifics. But, he is willing to talk with anyone and pass one the information he is able to glean from Spirit related to you and your life. He looks forward to assisting you. Call Now

Education and Experience
Book: How to Summon Angels - Instructions and Workbook available on Lulu.com
Certificate in Comparative World Religions - Alliance of Divine Love, Inc.
National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Hypnotherapist
National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist
Omni Hypnosis Training Center - Metaphysical Hypnotist
Hands of Fire Reiki Training - Reiki Master / Teacher
Ordained- The Universal Light, Inc
Certified in Physio-Spiritual Massage (Laying on of Hands - healing)

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“David is a genuine psychic - he was able to read my situation correctly with very little information from me. He provided specific predictions and was honest and open. I am convinced he is the real deal!”
—September 13, 2017

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