Have you found your soulmate? What's on your lover's mind? Are you on the right path in your career? Call Lisa Gober and uncover the truth!

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Lisa Gober


Finding the right answers in life on our own about love, relationships and your career can be difficult. There are so many choices, so many signs, but how do you interpret them? Without the help of an expert, it's often hard to see and find your right path.

That's where I can help. I have been blessed since a young girl to be able to see, hear, and feel angels, spirit guides and ghosts. I have learned how to use my psychic gifts to help guide people on their life path.

With my God-given abilities and specialized training as a certified Angel Life Coach, I can connect you with your spirit guides and Angels and help you find the answers in life, love and career decisions.

"Will I meet someone?"
"Is my boyfriend cheating on me?"
"Will I get that new job?"

Let me help you find the answers. After our sessions together, you will find healing, balance, and strength to be happy, healthy and successful.

Education and Experience
Lisa is a Certified Angel Life Coach, Psychic Channeler, Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach as well as a Certified Fairyologist. Lisa has been channeling with the Angels and Guides for over 23years.

Lisa Gober did a private reading for me this morning
Well wow wow is all I can say the guidance she gave me from what she got in my spiritual path was spot on and I knew it lol but even more that I hadn't known
Then about relationship I look forward to that outcome
Such a beautiful energy radiated from her
Absolutely worth more then the $$ I was lucky enough to pay
Highly highly would recommend even at full price
Will be back again that's for sure ðŸÅ'¸ - Wendy

"I had an Angel reading with Lisa and was really impressed and touched by not only the messages I received (which were exactly what I needed to hear and amazingly accurate!) but also by Lisa's authenticity and heart that she put into the session. I would highly recommend her to anyone really, the session was profound and beautiful, thank you Lisa for your compassion, love, wisdom and incredible insight. " - Zannah

"I was really attracted to what Lisa does when I saw her live on our facebook group. Firstly she is spiritual and works with angels and secondly she wants to help people. I messaged her and asked for a reading, she got back to me quickly and we arranged a reading over the phone the next day. I was feeling so lost within my carrer and didnt really know which path to take. I felt like I had too many things going on at once but wanted to train as a self love coach too. I really needed some guidance. When we spoke, I told Lisa how I felt and she confirmed what was deep in my heart. I now feel more focused and am celebrating baby steps. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful guidance, I am so thankful. You are an amazing woman." Robin

"I had my very first reading with Lisa and it was amazing. In the first few minutes Lisa was explaining my angels and in the middle of this she began telling me things about myself that where completely true. We continued to have a wonderful conversation and I found Lisa to be a very compassionate and encouraging person. When our time was almost over I realized I didn't ask her any of the questions I had written down because she had answered them without me asking. Right before we finished up I decided to ask her a personal question. Her reply was an inside family thing that no one would know .I was completely taken off guard, I just could not believe that happened. Lisa you are a incredibly gifted woman. Thank you for the comfort you brought me."
Jessica Shaw

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